10/10: Paul Felten

Paul Felten, co-writer and co-director of Slow Machine — now playing in our virtual cinema — shares his ten favorite films from the last ten years, noting "there could probably be 10 different things on this list — I mean, I must have seen something I liked in 2014 — but these are some films that stuck with me long after first viewing — in part, I think, because all of them genuinely surprised me."
(In order of release)
1. Margaret (Kenneth Lonergan, 2011)
2. In The Family (Patrick Wang, 2011)
3. Like Someone In Love (Abbas Kiarostami, 2012)
4. Cosmopolis (David Cronenberg, 2012)
5. In Another Country (Hong Sangsoo, 2012)
6. The Academy of Muses (José Luis Guerín, 2015)
7. Certain Women (Kelly Reichardt, 2016)
8. Cameraperson (Kirsten Johnson, 2016)
9. Vox Lux (Bradey Corbet, 2018)
10. So Pretty (Jessica Dunn Rovinelli, 2020)

Paul Felten and Joe DeNardo's Slow Machine is now streaming.

10/10 is an ongoing series in which we ask cinephiles to name their ten favorite films from the last ten years (currently, between 2011 and 2021).