10/10: Jane Schoenbrun

Jane Schoenbrun, director of the critically-acclaimed We’re All Going to the World’s Fair, which is currently playing in theaters, shares their ten favorite films from the past ten years, "a smattering of underseen American microbudget films -- these ten personal works were made regionally, for little money, and are united by a homemade feel and a bold desire to push form and language in a country whose 'independent' films scene often feels woefully conservative, commercially-minded, and risk averse..."

In Chronological Order

1. Hide Your Smiling Faces (Daniel Patrick Carbone, 2013) 

2. L for Leisure (Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn, 2014)

3. Jennifer Reeder's Teen Dream Trilogy: A Million Miles Away, Blood Below the Skin, Crystal Lake (Jennifer Reeder, 2014-2016) 

4. The Fits (Anna Rose Holmer, 2015)

5. Tired Moonlight (Britni West, 2015)

6. The Grief of Others (Patrick Wang, 2015)

7. Field N***** (Khalik Allah, 2015)

8. Princess Cyd (Stephen Cone, 2017)

9. Hale County This Morning, This Evening (RaMell Ross, 2018)

10. Fourteen (Dan Sallitt, 2019)

Jane Schoenbrun's We’re All Going to the World’s Fair is being distributed by Utopia and currently playing in theaters across the country. For trailer, playdates, or more info, click here.

10/10 is an ongoing series in which we ask cinephiles to name their ten favorite films from the last ten years (currently, between 2012 and 2022)