Oliver Laxe
93 minutes


Winner of the Critics’ Week Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, Oliver Laxe’s stunning film, MIMOSAS, is a breathtakingly shot Western that follows a mysterious caravan carrying a dying sheikh into the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Somewhere in the desert, a caravan is escorting an elderly sheik to the village where he was born. His last wish is to be buried with his loved ones. But death does not wait. Without their leader, the company grows fearful. And at the foot of a mountain pass, they refuse to continue, entrusting the body to two men who agree to carry on and bring it to its final destination. But who are these men? And do they really know the way? In another world, a mysterious young man is chosen to find the caravan.


“A neo-western about faith, inspired by Sufi mysticism, Roberto Rossellini’s THE FLOWERS OF ST. FRANCIS and Andrei Tarkovsky’s ANDREI RUBLEV. An elliptical and adventurous odyssey ”
Sight & Sound

“Rapturously beautiful.”
Chicago Reader

“Featuring terrific performances by its mostly non-professional cast, stunning landscapes, and hypnotic 16mm photography, MIMOSAS is tactile and sensual. Delivers exhilarating moments of cinema.”
Brooklyn Rail