The Load

Ognjen Glavonić
98 minutes


Don’t stop. Don’t pick up strangers. And don’t ask questions. Premiering to rave reviews in Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes, Ognjen Glavonić’s narrative debut is a taut suspense thriller recalling THE WAGES OF FEAR and SORCERER. Exquisitely photographed, THE LOAD is the story of a truck driver, Vlada, who is hired to undertake a treacherous journey across his war-torn country to deliver mysterious cargo. As Vlada makes his way through the dangerous landscape and gets closer to his destination, he slowly comes to realize the horrifying ramifications of his mission.


“Critic’s Pick! An atmospheric, gripping film.”
— Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

“Masterful. One of the ten best films of the year.”
— James Quandt, Artforum